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What is Fiber Optic Toslink Cable?

TOSLINK is the abbreviation of Toshiba Link, and it is also a standard optical digital audio interface. Japanese manufacturers generally use it on CD players and MD players. Toslink Fiber Optic Cable is used to transmit digital audio signals (left and right channels or multi-channel) between various equipments through a light conductor and using light as a carrier.

What is a TOSLINK FIber Optic Cable used for?

Toslink optical fiber cable (optical audio cable) realizes the interconnection between audio optical fiber sockets, and realizes optical fiber transmission between signal transmission equipment and audio receiving equipment. Widely used in the connection between audio equipment with optical digital input terminals. Such as power amplifier, Blu-ray DVD, PS3, XBOX, HTPC, DVD, VCR, CD player, MD, sound card CD/DVD/DAT/MD/LD optical output and other digital equipment, it is the best guarantee for high-definition audio broadcast.

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Do TOSLINK cables make a difference?

Toslink usually uses plastic optical fiber as plastic optical fiber audio patch cord. The audio fiber patch cord has the characteristics of optical fiber communication:
1. High frequency bandwidth and large communication capacity
2. Using electromagnetic waves to transmit signals, its capacity is related to the frequency of the carrier used. The frequency of light waves is very high, several orders of magnitude higher than the frequency of microblogging. Communication takes 1% of its frequency as the bandwidth, and the capacity difference is 100,000 times.
3. Almost zero signal loss
4. Small quality, rich material resources
5. Strong anti-interference, good confidentiality
6. It is not affected by electromagnetic fields such as high-voltage electricity, lightning, tram lines, etc. and the interference of external optical bands, and is also easy to shield. In addition, the optical fiber material has high chemical stability and is suitable for use in harsh environments and hazardous situations.




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