Today, as a VR cable manufacturer, I have the honor to participate in this symposium with various enterprises. Many VR cable manufacturers and VR equipment manufacturers have discussed with the VR content giant “WOOUVR”, and Iwo.com will explain in-depth analysis of the new VR interactive content. experience and how to jointly solve the dizziness caused by VR 3D equipment from both hardware and software aspects, increasing the opportunities for mutual cooperation and communication between technology companies.

In the past, whether it was content providers, VR lines and other equipment supporting and equipment providers, they all went forward alone and fought alone. Taking this opportunity to build bridges with related enterprises, deepen the cooperative relationship between enterprises, and jointly build an innovative technology industry chain, VR At present, as an important data source for VR equipment, our manufacturers need to continuously cooperate with the industry and deepen exchanges in order to develop and move forward.
At present, BonesIndustry is also in a stage of urgent need for innovation and development. This is the only way for its own development. BonesIndustry needs such an opportunity to use its own customization, research and development, and production of VR cables in terms of VR experience. Strength Experience makes a contribution, and when the opportunity comes, we need to constantly sharpen and learn advanced knowledge.