BONESTEC participate in CTIS exhibition in Shanghai

The first CTIS Consumer Technology and Innovation Exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 9th to 11th. At that time, ...
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april-2020-hongkong-global-sources-consumer -electronics-show-feature-exhibition-featured-bonesindustry

Participate in Hong Kong Electronics Fair in April

April 13-16, 2020, for four days, Hong Kong will hold the Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show, and BONES will also participate and set up our hdmi ...
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october-2019-hongkong-global-sources-consumer -electronics-show-new-product-exhibition-featured-bonesindustry

new fiber optic HDMI cable at the Hong Kong exhibition

On October 11th, 12th, and 13th, 2019, BONES unveiled our new products developed in the past six months at the Hong Kong Airport Global Sources Consumer ...
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VR cable manufacturers cooperate with WOOUVR

Today, as a VR cable manufacturer, I have the honor to participate in this symposium with various enterprises. Many VR cable manufacturers and VR equipment ...
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Let you know who is BonesIndustry

BonesIndustry is a supplier mainly engages in Bulk Active Optical Cable Assemblie;Passive Fiber Optic Cable Assemblie;Transmitters&Receivers ...
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