In the actual process of using HDMI, the distance between the TV and the HDMI signal source is often affected by the layout of the TV or home format. So is there a limit to the length of the HDMI cable?

The length of the HDMI cable will affect the picture quality. The function of the HDMI cable is equivalent to the signal of the mobile phone call. The quality of the call depends on the signal, and the same is true for HDMI, which is one of the very important factors for the display of computer image quality. Therefore, choosing the right HDMI is very important for the picture quality display effect.


So how much does the length of the HDMI cable affect the display?
In fact, the HDMI signal adopts digital signal transmission. In the working mode of the interface circuit, there is no error correction mechanism, and the erroneous data packet is retransmitted. Therefore, on the whole, the digital signal transmission is relatively stable, but the digital signal has a great defect, that is, the problem of transmission distance.

After testing, it is found that all digital signals are in a very stable state when transmitted within a certain distance, but when the distance of the transmitted data reaches a certain critical value, the signal transmission is easy to be seriously lost, and the signal reception rate on the coordinate graph The curve appears to drop straight down like a cliff, and this phenomenon is also known as the “cliff effect”. The critical value of the cliff effect of the HDMI cable transmission signal is 30 meters, that is to say, if the HDMI cable exceeds 30 meters, the image effect will immediately become very poor, and it is basically impossible to watch normally.

And this is why many HDMI cable enthusiasts often buy too long HDMI cables and cause poor video effects. At present, the vast majority of HDMI cables on the market do not exceed 20 meters, and only a few brands of HDMI cables have HDMI cables with a length of 25 meters. If the distance between the TV and the signal source is more than 20 meters, you need to choose two HDMI cables with a length of no more than 20 meters, and install a signal amplifier repeater in the middle. Only in this way can the normal output effect of the video be guaranteed. Or replace the copper core cable with optical fiber, the long-distance transmission signal of optical fiber is almost zero attenuation, and the transmission speed is fast, free of electromagnetic interference, small in size, light in weight and flexible, not as thick and heavy as ordinary HDMI.

Because of this, BONES has launched high-speed fiber optic HDMI cables of different specifications to meet the different needs of different customer groups.