Along with the rapid advancement of game production level, the game graphics effect has been improving, both entry-level gamers and game enthusiasts have higher requirements for the equipment. Of course, to have the ultimate gaming experience, in addition to the need for a high-performance CPU + graphics card, high refresh frequency of the gaming monitor and other configurations, but also need a DP video cable to support the ultra-high resolution and refresh rate, to ensure that the host and monitor between the video and audio signal lossless transmission. So, how to choose the DP video connection cable?

1. Version

Currently commercially available DP video cable mainly has version 1.4, 1.2, the main difference between the two: a) the highest bandwidth is different: DP1.2 video cable bandwidth of 21.6Gbps, DP1.4 video cable maximum bandwidth of 32Gbps.
a ) the highest bandwidth is different: DP1.2 video cable bandwidth of 21.6Gbps, DP1.4 video cable maximum bandwidth of 32Gbps.
b ) different output resolution: DP1.2 video cable supports 4K@60Hz output, DP1.4 video cable supports 8K@60Hz, 4K@120/144Hz.
c ) Different display technology: DP1.4 video cable supports 10bit image transmission, HDR dynamic image transmission, to present a more realistic, layered game picture effects, but also supports DSC, EFC and other technologies to eliminate screen tearing and lagging, so that the picture more clear and smooth.

Total Broadband32.4Gbps21.6Gbps
Sound Transmission32bit/1536KHz32bit/1536KHz
DP1.4 vs DP1.2

Compared with DP1.2, DP1.4 video cable bandwidth has improved a lot, can support higher resolution and refresh rate output, dynamic HDR display, and backward compatibility with DP1.2. Of course, in the same case of wire length, core specifications, DP1.4 video cable price is also slightly more expensive than DP1.2. If the game device supports DP1.4 output or future upgrade needs, then it is recommended to choose the DP1.4 version of the video cable.

2. Wire core

DP video cable is mainly divided into copper core, fiber two kinds of core. Among them, copper wire DP cable transmission stability, plug and play. However, due to the limitations of the material performance, copper core cable is mainly applicable within 10 meters, if used in long-distance scenarios will be serious signal attenuation, easy interference, poor picture quality and other issues, it is difficult to meet the needs of high-bandwidth transmission.

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The fiber optic DP cable built-in photoelectric conversion chip, the signal light-speed transmission without delay, and completely free from external electromagnetic interference, the transmission distance of even up to a hundred meters away, which is the reason why its price is a little more expensive.

How to choose a DP video cable Fiber DP Cable-BONESTEC

3. Brand

What are the consequences of using shoddy DP video cables? In mild cases, the game screen quality is low, with lag, delay, frame drops and other problems, and in serious cases, the cable has poor contact with the device port and cannot be used normally, or even hardware burns and other situations. So for a better gaming experience, a regular brand of standard DP video cable is necessary.

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