When connecting a monitor, which one is better, DP fiber optic cable or HDMI fiber optic cable?

First of all, you need to consider whether the monitor used supports the HDMI interface or DP interface. Currently most of the audio and video equipment is HDMI interface, most TVs, and computers are using HDMI interface, only a few use DP interface. HDMI interface and DP interface have different advantages and therefore support different devices, with DP interface devices are relatively high-end some.

According to the current understanding of the product, HDMI interface has certain advantages. In the display, the number of products using HDMI interface than the number of products using DP interface, so HDMI fiber optic cable is also more important. DP fiber optic cable and HDMI fiber optic cable comparison between the two, more users will choose the fiber optic HDMI cable can reach 4K standard, and stable transmission, high-definition picture quality, to meet the needs of home theater.

dp vs hdmi fiber optic cable home theater-BONESTEC

In terms of cost and quality, HDMI version 2.1 fiber optic cable supports 8K transmission, with higher HD picture quality and faster signal transmission. The price is relatively higher than the DP fiber optic cable.
DP1.4 version of the fiber optic cable also supports 8K transmission, in terms of color compared to HDMI fiber optic cable better.

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In terms of display devices, as long as the display device has an HDMI interface or DP interface, different cables can be selected according to the different interfaces. If the display can only support version 1.2, it cannot achieve HD signal transmission of version 1.4 or 2.0. Therefore, when choosing a display, you need to pay attention to the parameters of the display.

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HDR displays require DP optical cables supporting DP version 1.4 or HDMI optical cables supporting HDMI version 2.0 and higher. In order to game frame rate transmission and monitor refresh rate synchronization, in many of the above technologies, DP optical cable is relatively more mature.

In terms of development, HDMI fiber optic cable is the current mainstream, but DP fiber optic cable will also become mainstream in the future. Therefore, it is difficult to choose between the two. More specific situation is more important to choose.