Why is DP fiber optic cable better than copper core DP cable?

Like HDMI and DVI, DP cable is used to transmit audio and video. It can connect not only computers and monitors but also computers and home theaters. In addition, fiber optic DP cable is the first to support 8K before HDMI fiber optic cable, so it is relatively more mature than HDMI fiber optic cable 8K technology. Now more and more high-end users recommend it, and we will also have more understanding of fiber optic DP cable.

So what is the advantage of DP fiber optic cable over copper core DP fiber optic cable?

As we all know, fiber optic transmission of high-definition signals has many advantages: no radiation, strong shielding, can effectively avoid electromagnetic interference, in remote transmission distance has an absolute advantage.

1. Zero delays, no interference

Fiber optic DP cable signal is transmitted in one direction, so fiber-optic DP cable is directional. In addition to the different materials with copper core DP cable, more lightweight and convenient flexible, fiber optic DP cable supports 4K/8K high-definition images and high-fidelity audio transmission, with almost 0 delays, 0 attenuations, 0 interference advantages.

2. Support ultra-high bandwidth 8K transmission

Fiber optic DP cable version 1.4 supports lossless 8K @ 60Hz, 4K 120/144Hz transmission, when the bandwidth can reach 32Gbps, in eSports applications, this fiber optic DP cable, is definitely much stronger than the copper core DP cable.

DP fiber optic transmission using the 1.4 standards. In terms of supporting the resolution, you can achieve 8K video effect, refresh frequency of 60Hz while also compatible with different down resolutions. 4K resolution video refresh frequency can reach 144Hz.

3. Long-distance transmission

Long-distance transmission has always been the advantage of fiber optic cable. Compared to copper core cable, fiber optic long-distance transmission is not only fast, and the signal is almost 0 loss. Just in the transmission should pay attention to the direction of the interface, if the plug is reversed, you can not receive the signal. Especially in the video conference room and home theater and other scenes before the pre-buried decoration, must be tested to avoid unnecessary trouble later.

Compared with ordinary copper core cable, fiber optic DP cable, although slightly more expensive, but can meet the high-performance experience and environmental layout requirements. Playing games with high latency and serious dragging shadow problems make the gaming experience very bad. When you get used to the high refresh rate and high-resolution fiber optic DP cable. You will never want to go back to the old world.